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Franchise Opportunities

Founded in 2011, CircusTrix quickly rose to the top of the trampoline industry as we joined forces with the creator of the trampoline park industry, Sky Zone, and other existing brands like Rockin’ Jump, Superfly and Freedome. Now, we have more than 350 family entertainment centers across the globe, hosting 40,000,000+ guests of all ages and physical abilities annually—attendance higher than most major amusement parks and sports leagues. We hope you will join us in bringing active entertainment to even more communities around the world.


Let’s Talk.

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You must have at least $500,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of $1.8 Million to qualify for a Sky Zone, DEFY or Rockin' Jump franchise. Please only request information if you meet these requirements.


Join the Active Entertainment Industry Leader

We’re on our way to surpassing 2019 sales as families are excited to get off screens and leave the house in a post-pandemic world. More park memberships have been sold in 2021 than any other year because we are the go-to destination for a fun, safe place to work up a sweat any time of the year. And because each of our 350+ locations offer a wide range of innovative attractions, there’s more than enough to keep entire families entertained during their visits.


Have a Positive Impact on Your Community

Beyond dollars and cents, if you’re looking for a way to positively impact your local area, franchising your own CircusTrix park is the way. It’s your chance to provide first jobs to teenagers, leadership opportunities to college kids, and inclusive social experiences for younger children and their families. CircusTrix parks are a place for kids, adults and employees to build real-life social networks as we strive to create memorable moments for everyone at our parks.


It’s Time to Jump In!

If you’re looking for a compelling business investment, there’s no better time than now to franchise a CircusTrix park. We expect the trampoline industry to see tremendous growth—potentially registering a CAGR of 4.8% over the forecast period 2021 – 2026. Plus, with big-box retailers shifting their footprint online, real estate is more affordable than ever—making CircusTrix one of the wisest investments you can make and a great option to diversify your portfolio. Keep the money coming in year-round with multiple revenue streams and promotions such as memberships, birthday parties, seasonal passes, food and beverage and more.


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