We are launching a new Sky Zone website later this year. Please assist our team by completing the form below to determine how you plan to update your park.

New Website Options

Your park will automatically be generated with your location name, address, park email, park phone number, and your specific booking URL’s where applicable. Your park will also have a set of pages that are common across most parks. Information that is not standard across all parks will need to be edited such as:

  • Park hours
  • Attractions and Programs
  • Tickets packages and pricing
  • Membership packages and pricing
  • Party packages and pricing

We are planning to offer two options for parks to update their site with their park details.

Option 1 – DIY – Franchise Updates their park Information

Franchise owners will be given access to their site along with training videos on how to edit their site. The CMS is different than the current set up for Sky Zone. However, the general structure for the website is similar to the current Sky Zone site with some improvements made. 

Option 2 – DFY – Franchise Pays to Have Development Partner Transfer Old Site Information to New

Franchise owners can opt to have the information on their current Sky Zone park page transferred to the new website via Circus Trix’s web development partner for a fee of approximately $2000. Franchise owners will need to verify the information on their current site is up to date before the content loading period begins. 


Franchise owners will gain access to their park on October 20th and have until October 31st to edit their site prior to launch. 

What Are your plans?

Please fill out the form below to help us understand the workload that will be required to make sure everyone has a quality park site at launch. The entries here are not permanent, you can change your mind at a later time if needed.